Live Softworks is a UK-based developer of cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, focussed on helping smaller businesses to compete in the online market. Our primary product is FUSE, which allows the integration of multi-channel sales, stock, inventory and customer messaging into one platform. We also sell FORGE, which works with the FUSE software to help build fully custom websites from data contained in your existing stores.

All of our products are designed to save our customers time and money as they expand their online footprint.

"Small businesses may not always have the brand awareness or footprint of the big retailers, but mobile and tablet friendly marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are increasingly helping them to compete online. I believe that our software helps companies and individuals to make the most of these opportunities, and maximise their online visibility."

James Hendry

Our Management Team

James joined Live Softworks from the health sector, with a background in business analysis and management information. He is focussed on ensuring our products are designed and developed to meet the needs of the user. James attended university in Sheffield, where he gained an M.Sc. in technology.

Rob is responsible for the front end development of our software, and also developed our website. He has an academic background in software engineering. His interests are vintage electronics and vinyl music.

Chris, originally from Manchester having always been interested in computer programming, helping his family's eBay business to grow into a multichannel retailer. He attended university in Sheffield, studying Software Engineering, graduating in 2007 with an B.Sc. honours degree. Chris has since joined the British Computing Society, and in his spare time likes to socialise and play guitar.