FORGE - Web Store Builder - Coming Soon

Turn your product listings into new outlets in minutes with FORGE web store builder.


It is quick and easy to setup a FORGE website from data stored in your FUSE account.


Product and stock data and all orders and messages are managed through FUSE.


We offer an all-in price for FORGE, making it simple to understand your costs.

Core Features


FORGE stores are completely customisable, you can bring your own or use one of our existing themes, or purchase one from an online marketplace.


All FORGE stores require an SSL certificate. We can help you with this, or you can bring your own from one of the major providers.

Domain Name

Bring your own domain name to your FORGE shop, or let us sort it for you. Just choose your domain name, and we'll do the rest.

Email / Messaging

All customer messages from your site will be directed into the FUSE messaging module. We can also provide you with Microsoft Exchange mailboxes at a competitive rate.

Hosting Included

FORGE includes all of the data hosting you require to fully encompass your product data, images and orders. All bandwidth is included, so you don't have to worry about additional bandwidth costs.

Fixed Price

FORGE is set at a fixed price, so there is no price variation on the number of products, orders, or bandwidth, etc.

Connect to FUSE

FORGE requires a FUSE subscription to run, and therefor connects to FUSE to manage your sales orders, stock and messages.

Take Payments

Use FORGE to take your online payments via PayPal or Credit Card.

Register for updates on FORGE ...

FORGE is curently under development. To register your interest and receive updates please enter email below or call us on 0114 299 6028.