How can you save money and time with FUSE?

Time is money

Most people are in business to make money, and one thing you'll know is 'Time Is Money', and when your time is taken up doing repetitive administrative jobs it can become costly and frustrating. FUSE was born out of this frustration, originally created to quickly, simply and easily take your orders from eBay and Amazon, and has since continued to evolve and grow with more time and cost saving features being added all the time.

From chatting with our customers we found that generally they'll spend around 2 hours a day collecting and printing orders from all their stores. Just at the UK minimum wage of £6.50 that adds up to £390 over the month which would give you a saving of £300 every month with our Silver Plan. This also doesn't include the added benefit of using that time to do more productive things which can lead to additional revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

Other time savings

Another time saving feature is the ability to setup FUSE to calculate the postage for your orders. This saves you the hassle of working out the right postage to use, printing the label and attaching it to the order. Instead FUSE can calculate the right postage to use and add the PPI (Printed Postage Impressions) image to the invoice / delivery note automatically.

You can also use FUSE's purchase order system to actively monitor your stock levels, saving you time working out what you need to order and saving you the hassle of manually checking.

FUSE supports a range of hardware including barcode scanners and weighing scales. You can use these to help speed up the process of booking stock in and out and to aid in the counting of products. A good example of this is say you sell lots pens that you need to count, just put them on the scales and FUSE will count them. When you book an order out, no matter where it has come from (eBay, Amazon, PrestaShop, etc.), you use the dispatching section of FUSE, which will help stop anyone accidentally sending too many or little products to your customer, saving money in recovering of goods or doubling of postage.

What you get

All functionality is included in every plan, so you don't pay any more to have purchasing functionality, point of sale or any other functions. This functionality includes the following and more:

Transparent pricing and no contract

We hate it when companies try to lock us into a long term contract and charge hidden fees and set-up costs. So we make our pricing as clear and straight forward as possible so you know exactly what you're paying and when. Neither do we want to tie you into long term a contract, though you can save money by purchasing an annual plan. Our pricing changes depending on how many Products / SKU's, sales orders per day, the number of users you have logged on at the same time and the number of marketplaces / channels (eBay, Amazon, etc.) you have. Click here to see our pricing plans.

To help you discover how much you could save using FUSE we have created a simple calculator, just enter the relevant information and we will show you a rough estimate of how much you can save in money alone. You're not required to give any personal / business information.

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How can you save money and time with FUSE?